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Legend nabbing equality

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26 Re: Legend nabbing equality on Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:47 am

Actually Godo, I understand you. Legends are normal, and if the new members can get just a normal legend they are happy I've seen it many times. But, it should only be Normal legends that newer member could get. Lets say Last month there was a Normal Darkrai, but this month a member joins and wants a Darkrai, after so long, Maybe there will be event again that includes a Darkrai. Because Normal pokemon are not quite rare. now if it was a Ruby, or something on those terms, and the event was last month then no it should not be offered again because that was a special one time offer. either you trade for it, or you do not get it. So I think it would be fair, As long as the Legends are Normal, So I Say a Yes to this topic. Do we really need to lose members because they could not get a Normal legend? We need as much members as we could possible get.

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27 Re: Legend nabbing equality on Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:46 am


I Agree With What Twilight Said ,

Legends Will be Available In Many Forms And Esp. Normal Ones Will Be Easy To Obtain . But Legends Already Released In A Special Form Will Not Be Released again, But still if you missed golden dialga you always have a chance of getting a silver , shadow or any special dialga . and ya As Twilight said Normal Legends maybe Released Timely Again and Again .

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