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Question/Answer section or Mod/Admin Shoutout

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1 Question/Answer section or Mod/Admin Shoutout on Mon Sep 08, 2008 6:32 pm

I think in the section with Announcements, Rules, and Suggestions, we need to have a section for Questions/Answers or a Mod/Admin Shoutout or something. We need a place where people can ask questions and tell us stuff that doesn't fit in the other sections. Like asking if they are allowed to do something, or telling us when they want to evolve a pokemon. This would also allow for the questions to be answered in the open so everyone sees them, so it cuts down on a bunch of people asking the same questions. (And your PM box won't get flooded as much, which I know even I am guilty of). I think it would improve the quality of the site since people would be able to make sure something is ok before they do it, rather then doing it and then asking. Anyway, hope this is a helpful suggestion. Peace. --Lady DarkStar

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Howw do the battles in the map area work are they like the towers ?

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Well it looks like this will turn into a Question/Answer section before azure even looks at it ^_^. but no, the map battles are up to you basically. you describe the battle and when you knock out the pokemon you have to say you caught it. the towers are based on a program that uses random moves and does random damage. it has no human interference It is fairer that way. but only azure can do the tower battles. (and Winter with all the catching you have done I am surprised you needed to ask that) .

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i Meant the Elite areas

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oh, well as far as I know those *are* like the towers. I think azure uses that same program, but I am not sure, he's never said. <_< which is why I want *azure* to turn this into a question/answer section. so he can handle some of these. even I don't know all of it. Razz

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ok, because my s abby is alst of lvl to chalenge

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Added Forum > Questions ?

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