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The Celadon City

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1 The Celadon City on Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:58 am


Pokemon :


Map :

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2 Re: The Celadon City on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:11 pm

Ayachi and Torchic are searching for some bug Pokémon when they see a Scyther eating some fruits peacefully. Time for a battle!
Ayachi sents out Torchic and he uses Ember on the wild Pokémon! Very effective against a bug-type!
Scyther is hurt badly and calls for help - a Heracross comes to join the fight!
It attacks Torchic with a Horn Attack!
Torchic uses Peck! It's also very effective! (Flying>Bug)
Now Scyther uses Swords Dance - it's Attack rises!
Heracross attacks with Tackle this time!
Torchic is tired, but he launches a strong Ember attack on the bug-pokémon!
Scyther faints! Ayachi uses a Pokéball to Scyther (F)!
Now only Heracross and Torchic are fighting, Heracross attacks with Leer and decreases Torchics Defense!
Torchic uses Peck again and Heracross is down! Ayachi catches it with a Pokeball, too. Heracross (M) is caught!

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3 Re: The Celadon City on Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:22 pm

Godo and JiJi are trying to check for any type of grass pokemon, when a scyther jumps up, wanting a smurai honor battle

JiJi used peck, it missed
Scyther used slash
JiJi used peck again, it's super effective
scyther used X-scissor
JiJi is tired, but uses flamethrower, super effective
Sycther fainted

Godo caught a scyther!! Godo gains $200
JiJi leveled up.

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4 Re: The Celadon City on Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:10 pm

Kazza and Dark Ekans were walking along when a Tropius jumped out of a bush
Dark Ekans used poison tail on Tropius
Tropius was poisoned!
Tropius used Leaf blade but missed Dark Ekans
Dark Ekans used bite on Tropius
Tropius face planted, KO'd
Kazza caught a Tropius!

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5 Re: The Celadon City on Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:09 pm

DarkStar was walking through the grass looking for pokemon when she spots a Scyther.
Hm.. I'll call out Diamond (dratini) for this one.
Diamond use Ariel Ace. Its super effective, but Scyther is not quite down for the count.
Scyther used X-Scissor. It hits Diamond hard.
Diamond uses Flamethrower. Its super effective.
Scyther is Ko'd. DarkStar catches Scyther.
Diamond levels up and earns $200.

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6 Re: The Celadon City on Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:47 am

Twilight was laying down resting with Bizzaro (S.Flareon). But heard a loud buzzing noise to right of Him.

Bizzaro stands up and starts to growl then jumps into the bushes. Twilight is startled and quickly stand up and races into the bushes to see Bizzaro staring down a Heracross.

The Heracross uses Horn Attack. But it narrowly misses Bizzaro. "Ok Bizzaro Lets do it buddy, Fire Fang!" Bizzaro quickly leaps towards the Heracross, and gives a strong Fire Fang attack To Heracross' Horn. It was a Super Effective hit. The Heracross Stumbles around and quickly gets it's footing then gives a strong Mega Horn attack to Bizzaro. It hits Bizzaro so hard it knocks him into Twilight. "Bizzaro, You ok buddy? Time for our Special training to show off. Fire Blast!" Bizzaro prepares him-self and gives a strong Fire Blast it is immensely powerful and covers the Heracross in flames.

When The flames Settle down Twilight Notices the Heracross has Fainted. "Good job Bizzaro." Bizzaro Levels up, and Twilight receives $100.

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7 Re: The Celadon City on Thu Sep 11, 2008 10:21 pm

DarkStar continues her search when she sees a Tropius eating fruit from a tree, and a Seedot running around under it and grabbing whatever it drops.
Well, two for the price of one.
She calls out Diamond and Zen.
Diamond use Flamethrower, Zen use Poison Jab.
Seedot sees the Flamethrower in time to dodge but Tropius gets hit hard by it.
Zen's Poison Jab hits Seedot. Its super effective.
Tropius uses Razor Leaf and tries to hit both pokemon. Its not very effective on either one.
Seedot uses Bide to store energy.
Diamond usues Fire Blast. Trpoius is Ko'd. DarkStar throws a pokeball and catches Tropius.
Zen uses Poison Jeb one more time and hits Seedot. It also faints.
DarkStar catches Seedot.
Diamond and Zen go up 2 levels and earn $800.

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8 Re: The Celadon City on Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:44 am

Laura was looking around until a Seedot came out. Laura smiled happily as she seen it. "Go Torchic."Laura called out.
Torchic used Flamethrower.
Flamethower hit Seedot hard.
Seedot used Bide.
Bide was storing up energy.
Torchic used Ember.
Seedot got hit.
Torchic got hit by Bide.
Torchic used Flamethrower.
Seedot got hit by Flamethrower.
Seedot faints Laura catches Seedot. Torchic gain 1 lv and earns $200.

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9 Re: The Celadon City on Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:43 pm

Twilight and Bizzaro was getting berrys from a Tree when a Tropius Comes out of the tree line wanting some berrys
Go Bizzaro!
Tropius uses Aerial Ace!
Hits Bizzaro.
Bizzaro uses Lava Plume!
Hits Tropius. Super Effective!
Tropius uses Absorb
Hits Bizzaro.
Bizzaro uses Fire Blast. Super Effective!
Tropius Faints
Twiligth Catches Tropius, Bizzaro levels up. Twilight Receives $200

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10 Re: The Celadon City on Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:43 pm

Laura was walking around the city when a Scyther came out. Go Torchic Laura called out.
Scyther used Slash
Slash hits Torchic.
Torchic used Flamethrower
Flamethrower hits Scyther.
Scyther used Furycutter.
Furycutter hit.
Torchic used FireSpin
FireSpin hits
Scyther faints
Torchic gains 1 level,Money earn $200

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11 Re: The Celadon City on Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:39 am

Kazza and Venom(Dark arbok) were walking along when a Jumpluff floated down in front of them, time for a battle!
Venom used Poison tail on Jumpluff
Jumpluff stagers to it's feet, poisoned and used vine whip on Venom
Venom used bite on Jumpluff
Jumpluff colapsed, KO'd
Kazza caught a Jumpluff!

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12 Re: The Celadon City on Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:37 am

Laura was walking along when she had seen a bushle of fruit above her head. Laura glanced up and notice that they were being followed. It was a Tropius. "Go Shiny Glaceon."Laura called out.
Shiny Glaceon used IceFang.
IceFang hit Tropius.
Tropius use Rasorleaf.
Rasorleaf hit.
Shiny Glaceon use IcyWind.
Icywind hit.
Tropius used Rasorwind.
Rasorwind hit.
Shiny Glaceon use IceShard.
IceShard hit.
Tropius used gust.
Gust hit.
Shiny Glaceon used Blizzard.
Tropius faints
Shiny Glaceon level up,Money earn $100.

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