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The Fuchsia City

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1 The Fuchsia City on Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:32 pm


Pokemon :

Nidoran M|F

Map :

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2 Re: The Fuchsia City on Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:49 am

Ayachi and ShinyLeafeon continue their journey and find themselves in Fuchsia City. They walk along when they see a wild Kangaskhan blocking theit path. Seems like it doesn't want to move away. ShinyLeafeon gets ready for a fight!

ShinyLeafeon uses bite! It hits Kangaskhan!
Kangaskhan uses CometPunch! It hits ShinyLeafeon 3 times!
It's ShinyLeafeon's turn again, he uses Razor Leaf!
Kangaskhan uses Leer and lowers ShinyLeafeon's defense!
ShinyLeafeon uses Quick Attack and Kangaskhan is ko'ed!
Ayachi throws a Pokéball at it and catches it!

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3 Re: The Fuchsia City on Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:15 pm

DarkStar is exploring as usual when she sees a Kangaskhan a little ways off. It hasn't noticed her yet.
Ok Zen, this one's yours.
Zen uses Force Palm, its super effective.
But Kangaskhan is big and is now rather ticked off.
Kangaskhan uses Comet Punch, it hits. Thankfully its not very effective.
Zen uses Aura Sphere. A critical hit!
Kangaskhan faints. DarkStar catches Kangaskhan.
Zen levels up and earns $200.

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4 Re: The Fuchsia City on Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:59 pm

Laura was exploring the city when she came across a Venomat. Venomat just continued to walk along and didnt see her. Laura smiled as she tossed out her pokeball. "Go Torchic."Laura called out.
Torchic used Flamethrower.
Flamethrower hit Venomat.
Venomat use Psybeam.
Psybeam hit.
Torchic use Fire Spin.
Fire Spin hit.
Venomat used Supersonic.
Supersonic missed.
Torchic used Peck.
Peck hit.
Venomat used Tackle.
Tackle hit.
Torchic used Flamethrower
Venomat faints Laura catches Venomat
Torchic gain a level,Money earn $200.

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5 Re: The Fuchsia City on Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:13 am

Ayachi and her pokemon enjoy their time off with a picknic. They are about to get some sandwiches out of a basket when they notice the basket is gone! Where did it go? They see some footprints near the blanket they sat on and decide to follow them. Following these footprints they get into some bushes and hear munching noises. They found the culprits! A pair of Nidoran are happily eating their Sandwiches! "Go Torchic",Ayachi calls out "and you help him, come out Shiny Leafeon!" The Nidorans didn't see them yet and thus begins the battle!

Torchic uses Ember on Nidoran M!
ShinyLeafeon uses Quick Attack at Nidoran F!
The Nidorans are startled and attack both with Horn attack! Torchic is hurt!
Torchic uses Fire Spin! Nidoran M is caught up in the FireSpin!
ShinyLeafeon uses Bite! Nidoran F is hurt!
Nidoran F uses DoubleKick! It hits 2 times!
Torchic uses Slash!
Nidoran M uses Poison Sting! Torchic is poisoned!
ShinyLeafeon attacks Nidoran M with Tackle! Nidoran M faints! Ayachi quickly throws a Pokeball at it! Now only Nidoran F is left!
Nidoran F uses Sratch!
Torchic and ShinyLeafeon combine their attacks with Flamethrower and Razor Leaf! Nidoran F is ko'd! Ayachi cathces it, too!

Ayachi caught a pair of Nidoran! Her Torchic and ShinyLeafeon gain experience!

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