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1 Godo on Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:51 am


Torchic (F) level-12 (Name: JiJi)
Amulet Coin

Poke-Dollars: $1850

Amulet Coin (Torchic)
Fire Stone (Shiny Flareon)
Fire Stone (NineTales)
Thunder Stone (Raichu)



Ruby Ralts (F) Level-5
Celebi (G) Level - 5
Mew (G) Level - 6 (Name: Goodspeed)
Mewtangel (G) Level - 5 (Name: King)
Shiny Flareon (F) Level - 5
Silver Lucario (M) Level - 9 (Name: Rio)
Trapinch (F) Level-5 (Name: ViJella)
Dratini (F) Level-5 (Name: Genie)
Raichu (M) Level-6 (Name: Quen)
Crystal Lucario (F) level -5
Absol (M) Level- 10
Beldum (G) Level-5
Ninetales (F) Level-5
Arcanine (M) Level-5
Nidoran (M) level-5
Scyther (F) level-5
Magikarp (?) Level-5
Abra (F) Level-5
Lapras (?) Level - 5
Torchic (?) Level - 5

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